Think of Onion River Campground as a place for your manifestation wedding. We proudly offer Vermont's most affordable outdoor party site with a fantastical white wedding tent.  Our ninety foot wedding ten IS INCLUDED IN YOUR PRICING OPTIONS!  Find beauty and magic our 23 acres of meadows, trails, river and wilderness.  Enjoy our user-friendly policies that leave plenty of space for your creative vision.  We believe that you shouldn’t have to lose your shirt to invite friends and family to enjoy a true Vermont scene as you tie the knot.  There is hot and cold water on site for your caterer to set up their outdoor kitchen.  There is plenty of electricity for your band and announcements. Below is a list of services offered.  Please contact us for tours and reservation.  



24 hours from Noon to noon    $1,500

2 nights from 2pm Friday 'til noon sunday    $2,700  



All site rentals require a $350 cleaning fee and a $500 deposit in addition to rental fees.  If all guests are cleared by appointed time and no damages have been incurred, the $500 deposit is returned.  If you choose to clean up yourselves and leave no trace, leaving everything clean by the appointed time, then your $350 cleaning fee will also be returned!   



  • The Farmhouse: The farmhouse located on the premises has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Jacuzzi tub, and big kitchen with a commercial range.  A great place for the wedding party to get prepped on the big day. $400 per night additional. 

  • Flowers!  We will provide flowers for all tables at your wedding and also bouquets for the wedding itself, right off the land.  Completely organic and no fossil fuels involved:  $260-$1860

  • Sunday Brunch: Muffins, coffee and chef special for you and up to 100 guests served for 2 hours anytime starting between 9am and 12pm.  $10 per person.  (With 3 volunteer helpers from your wedding: $5 per person.  We’ll keep your volunteers entertained, laughing, and happy!)

  • Trash: We will dispose of your trash for $60/dumpster and $40/recycling dumpster.  Trash and recycling must be separated, bagged, and consolidated.


Wedding Party Obligations

  • Port-o-potties: None needed for the first 100 guests and 1 for each additional 50 guests.

  • Trash/recycling:  We are a carry in/carry out campground.  We are happy to help you locate trash and recycling facilities nearby or see above for our trash/recycling service.

Contact Jaquelyn at Onion River Campground:    802-426-3233